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Yeah, that Jerrari.  Some of you may remember us back in the late 60's, early 70's. And for those of you that don't, Jerrari "Equipment Inc." was born in 1968 in Northern California, providing rallye equipment  and car preparation.   In 1970 Jerrari opened shop in Redondo Beach, California.  After an article appeared in the July 1971 Road & Track magazine, Jerrari embarked on providing rallye and performance equipment for the Fiat 124 series as well as other sport cars and sedans of that era.  The business provided a world wide mail order service as well as in-shop installation and tuning.  The business closed at the end of 1974 due to the gas embargo and a breach of contract by a major manufacturer that we were to supply parts exclusively for.
Aviation Shop circa 1971
1969 FIAT 124 COUPE
1.5 Liter - 135 HP.
Used in the Four Cylinder Club of America High Dessert Rallye Series from 1969 thru 1975.
Rallye Car Engine 1.5 Liter -135 HP with dual 42DCOE  Weber Carbs
Rallye Car Navigator Station
2 Liter Race Engine
This engine was built in 1972 for the then under 2 Liter class in TransAm.  It put out over 210 hp on the dyno - carbureted with dual 45 DCOE Webers

Jerrari was resurrected in 1993 as a private trust organization.  While still dabbling in the performance automotive scene, it's main thrust is hand-built prototypes and scale models for the Consumer Product, Toy, Entertainment, Electronics, and Automotive Industries.  And remains so thru today.

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1200 sq. ft. 14 ft. ceiling - 10' x 10' rollup door.

Equipment:5" x 14" Vertical Mill
11" x 36" Metal Lathe
Drill Press
14" Band Saw
20" Disc Sander
30" Multi-Task Sheet Metal Shear/Brake
10" Table Saw
6 hp Air Compressor
18" X 12" Vacuum Form
48"w X 30"d X 38"h Spray Booth
Every power hand & Hand tool known to man - almost

We also have access to the following through various partnerships:

3D Scanning and Printing - Laser Cutting - Welding - Broader wood working - Large scale painting

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